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An enquiry into the acceptance of accessible web content and web design standards by UK small businesses.

About This Dissertation

As part of the final year of my degree I had to complete a dissertation on a design related subject. My original choice of a title was along the lines of “Why don't grannies like using mobile phones?”, but this was swapped at an incredibly late date for “An enquiry into the acceptance of accessible web content and web design standards by UK small businesses.”

The reason for the change was that I was not getting anywhere with the initial title, and every time I sat down to work on it I could feel the boredom surging through my veins. I therefore apologise to any elderly people who don't like using mobile phones. You will be bitterly disappointed by the following text.

The reason I chose this topic was due to a personal interest in web design, 'good practice' and some prior knowledge in the field. I also knew I might be able to contribute something to an area that is the subject of relatively little academic writing or research; most specifically in SMEs. A module in Enterprise and Innovation earlier in the academic year helped to prime my knowledge of small business. In conjunction with the experience I have gathered personally through my design & print business, I felt it not only benefit me, but also others. That's why I have made it available online.

About Andy Higgs

I am a 20 year old undergraduate finalist at Loughborough University (until June 2006) studying Industrial Design & Technology (BA). I am also freelance web and print designer, the running of which takes up most of my time. For more general information associated with me and what I get up to, I blog, have a folio, a gallery and am a Multipack member.

Copyright Notice

The entire dissertation and appendicies are published here for the use of anyone, however, if you do choose to reproduce any part of this work you must reference it and attribute it to Andy Higgs. A lot of hard work went into this and a little courtesy in return would be very much appreciated. If you do happen to find this useful I would always be pleased to hear any comments you have.


If you would like to contact me, you can email me at dissertation.enquiries [at] andyhiggs [dot] co [dot] uk. There is also a quick email box in my folio.