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An enquiry into the acceptance of accessible web content and web design standards by UK small businesses.

In late March 2006 I approached my tutor with a proposal that, with four weeks to spare, I would change my dissertation title. Only in time will I see if that was a bad decision The gamble paid off, and I achieved a 'first'. I have published the 9000 word text, plus all the associated statistics which I believe to be the only ones of their type in the UK to date (May 2006).

The dissertation approaches some key accessibility questions in the UK; do small businesses know that they are expected to provide accessibility and are they prepared to bite the bullet and shell out for an upgrade? There are also a few more findings and the statistics could be particularly useful if you are doing any work in the area yourself. If you want a one-page overview of the whole project including some key findings, you can read the abstract.

If you want to know who I am and why I did a study on UK SME access, then view the about page. In my personal opinion, if you are only going to read one thing it should be the discussion.

If you have any questions, please email me at dissertation.enquiries [at] andyhiggs [dot] co [dot] uk. If you like this:

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